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Five steps to the “Best (RMIS) Implementation”

Guest blogger Julian Thomas, Regional Head of Process and Systems—UKI, EE and EMA—at global logistics company DHL, Insurance and Risk Management, offers insight on how to ensure a seamless implementation of an RMIS from a user’s perspective. DHL and Origami Risk are the recent recipients of the 2016 Risk Management Award for “best implementation,” an honor bestowed upon us by CIR (Continuity, Insurance & Risk) Magazine. read more

TPA and broker discuss value of modern RMIS technology

Last week, Glen Carey, an Origami Risk sales executive, partnered with professionals from insurance broker Beecher Carlson and TPA Gallagher Bassett to host a webinar: “From Silos to Synergy: Achieving Efficiency through Collaborative Risk Management Technology.” In this blog post, he reflects upon the conversation that transpired.

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with risk professionals from Beecher Carlson and Gallagher Bassett. The focus of our conversation centered on the technological revolution so many of us have experienced in our personal lives, while essentially being stuck in a technological rut in our professional lives. The good news is companies have started paying attention—realizing that not keeping pace with the evolution of technology can come at a high price.
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Avoid these three OSHA reporting challenges

The new year is quickly approaching, and so is the 2017 implementation of new OSHA rules for electronically tracking and reporting workplace injuries and illnesses. Naturally, many employers are worried about the potential for increased penalties and fines as a result of these new rules. Staying in compliance may seem especially daunting for those employers already struggling with challenges like:

  • Reporting worker injury data in multiple places and multiple formats on an ad-hoc schedule
  • Keeping track of pertinent worker injury or illness data, along with the next steps necessary to keep the reporting process moving
  • Instituting processes and procedures for employees to easily report injuries and incidents

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