Community giving is another way to manage risk

The average age of an insurance professional is 59, according to a McKinsey and Company study that highlights the not-so-far-off retirement of a vast group of individuals in the insurance industry. The forthcoming churn could mean a depletion of institutional knowledge from organizations if they don’t have younger employees in place to absorb industry veterans’ knowledge before they exit the workforce.

The laundry list of ways to recruit and keep Millennials engaged within an organization is long, but it is consistently noted that Millennials want to work for companies that give back to the community–an area where many risk- and insurance-related organizations shine simply because of the nature of their business, and their exposure to the tremendous amount of need in the areas they serve.

Click here for perspective on why companies should give back and how they can be powerful mechanisms for change, according to a University of Georgia student who recently interned at Origami Risk. The student, Jacob Pope, is about to embark on his own epic adventure–rowing across the Pacific Ocean–to raise funds and community awareness for programs that assist those suffering from the bleeding disorder Hemophilia. Visit to learn more.