Policy and Program Management

Origami Risk’s comprehensive policy and program functionality is designed to automate renewal and policy management activities all year long. Use our state of the art tools to chart your programs, model prospective programs, project cash-flow impact of retention options, benchmark your coverage, and more.

Policy Management

Origami Risk organizes insurance policy data, contacts at key vendors, imaged policies, and relevant supporting documentation for better policy management. Origami Risk even manages policy erosion and provides a graphical view of reserves and payments over the life of the policy. Policies, claims, and assets are all connected for truly integrated analytics and workflows.

  • All lines of coverage
  • Excess layers
  • Quota shares
  • Sub-deductibles and sub-limits on multi-line programs
  • Premiums, commissions, rates, and all other financials
  • Policy erosion
  • Full integration of policies with locations, claims, and reports

Policy Renewal

Origami allows users to see current and historical insurance policies in a clear and organized manner. The renewal process is fully automated, saving time and reducing error. When insurance policy information is entered into the system (either through electronic data import or manual entry) the policy can be renewed with a click of a button. The system also alerts users about upcoming expiring policies so they can get in front of them. When a new policy is started, previous policy info remains attached to claims and named insureds (such as physicians) for easy access to valuable insight.

Policy Modeling & Charting

Origami Risk also allows you to model policy programs right within your RMIS. Users can build a policy program from existing policies, with Origami Risk constructing a graphical illustration of what that program looks like--allowing users to easily identify coverage gaps or add an existing policy to a program.

  • Full color program charts
  • Multiple lines
  • Multiple layers
  • Co-insurer quota shares
  • Complex programs
  • Deductibles and SIR's