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Think of Origami Risk as a cloud-based command center for the effective management of all of your risk, claims, safety, and underwriting activities. Whether you use our integrated system to handle claims, collect exposure values, assess risk, or underwrite policies, you’ll benefit from a seamless user experience that includes award-winning data aggregation & reporting, intuitive data analytics tools, rules-based decision support solutions, and the ability to automate almost any process.

Risk Management
Information System

We offer more than a system for aggregating your claim and policy data. With Origami Risk, you can identify, reduce, and finance risk with award-winning RMIS solutions that efficiently collect comprehensive risk data from a wide variety of sources; standardizes that information for easy analysis; and then, uses configurable rules-based decision making tools to automatically prompt activity — whether it’s to trigger risk management initiatives, calculate the total cost of risk, or highlight risk financing needs.

Claims Administration

Far more than a consolidated repository for your claims data. With Origami Risk, you can streamline virtually any of your business' claims-related activities. TPAs, carriers, and self-administration clients can improve their adjusters’ productivity levels, comply with regulatory reporting requirements, and cut claims costs. Easily transmit claims activity data to and from external sources; intuitively compare claims to drive decision making; and deploy rules-based decision making tools to automate time-consuming clerical activities and keep the claims handling process moving.

Safety and Loss Prevention

Increase visibility into loss control activities with advanced analytics at your fingertips. Origami Risk's award-winning solutions make it easier for risk management and safety professionals to collaborate and measure the progress of safety programs.


If you're looking to streamline renewal and proposal processes, then Origami Risk's underwriting capabilities are for you. With just a few clicks, you can create quotes, make revisions, bind policies and secure e-signatures. In addition, you can produce invoices, track payments and generate cross policy financial analytics. All of this functionality is easily implemented via Origami’s intuitive and easy to use administrative tools. From managing rating programs to updating application pages, Origami’s configuration tools allow for customers to maintain their system with no custom coding and minimal technical proficiency.

Simultaneously compare multiple proposals

Enterprise Risk Management

Origami Risk allows for increased visibility into your loss control activities with advanced analytics at your fingertips. Our tools enable risk management and safety professionals to work more efficiently when compiling and monitoring safety metrics. Features like automatic notifications, follow-up and escalation emails, tasks and more allow you to streamline your workflow while measuring safety progress and reducing costs from anywhere in the system.


Origami Compliance solutions integrate with any claims software to provide adjusters with automated access to forms, rates, rules, and regulations to streamline their adjudication process. Our compliance rules engine evaluates your claims activity to automatically fill out the correct document from our library of over 5,000 forms and letters of correspondence. Our indemnity benefits rules engine further evaluates your claims to calculate average weekly wage (AWW) and indemnity benefits. Furthermore, adjusters can leverage our unique search engine to access more than 9,000 federal and state laws, regulations, and rates.

Data Tools and Services

Transform the traditionally arduous and mistake-ridden process of capturing and then reporting on risk, claims, safety, and policy data. Origami Risk can help streamline data aggregation and reporting activities. Our data tools and services are central to our risk management, claims administration, safety management, and underwriting capabilities. They can also be a standalone offering for those organizations exclusively needing to address their clients’ data challenges.


What good is risk, insurance, and claims data if you don’t have the time or resources for proper analysis? Origami Risk makes data analysis straightforward and fast with tools to standardize data from disparate sources for like-comparisons; simplify data in a visual format so it’s easy to understand; and automatically generate and distribute recurring or ad-hoc reports to meet stakeholder preferences. Our analytics functionality is central to the system’s risk management, claims administration, safety management, and underwriting capabilities. It's also available as a standalone offering for those organizations interested in providing clients and decision makers with access to these powerful tools.

Healthcare Risk Management

Origami Risk provides healthcare organizations an end-to-end solution for everything related to risk, safety, and claims, including in-depth workflow, document management, analytics, reporting, and dashboards. Risk management in healthcare requires the highest level of data accuracy and protection in order to best serve patients and healthcare organizations.

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