Healthcare Risk Management

From claims administration to patient safety to insurance management and physician underwriting, Origami Risk simplifies risk management in healthcare.

Risk management in healthcare requires the highest level of data accuracy and protection in order to best serve patients and healthcare organizations. Origami Risk provides an end-to-end solution for everything related to risk, safety, and claims, including workflow tools, document management, analytics, reporting, and dashboards. Origami’s integrated healthcare risk management platform delivers a range of solutions, across all care settings, for identifying risks, streamlining workflow processes, triggering real-time notifications, and mitigating and preventing risk. Our secure, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly software allows healthcare providers to better manage their critical safety, quality, claims, insurance, and risk data through improved data collection, communication, healthcare analytics, and strategy tools. Origami Risk provides a single platform for all roles and functions within your healthcare risk management program.

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Our client executives have the tools, client access and authority necessary to collaborate with you in the most productive and efficient way possible.


Gathering, reporting and analyzing data, as well as acting on data insights, has never been more timely and efficient.


Access the features you love with confidence that your system will be secure, reliable, fast and can adapt to your needs.

Banner Health Case Study

See how Banner Health uses automation tools and online portals in Origami Risk to save time spent on administrative tasks and remove barriers for the healthcare organization’s physicians and staff.

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“Origami has created efficiencies to enhance operations, customer service, and decision-making. These efficiencies allow us to meaningfully participate in managing the organization's enterprise risk.”

- Rebecca Havlisch
Vice President, Business Health at Banner Health

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