Third-Party Administrators

Take advantage of award-winning solutions and platform flexibility to streamline internal operations and improve service. Access tools that automate how you aggregate and report claim data — saving time, reducing costs, and giving adjusters the opportunity to do more high value work that will resonate with your customers. Engage existing and prospective clients and their agents with our award-winning risk management portal that gives them ability to view dashboards, generate reports, and review claim details.

  • Improve client claims reporting
  • Close claims faster
  • Comply with claim reporting regulations
  • Win and maintain business
  • Increase employee productivity

What We Offer

Risk Management Information System

As a service to your clients, invest in a risk, insurance, claims, and safety management system that uses your corporate branding. Or enlist as an RMIS reseller or referral partner to ensure your clients have access to the best technology to manage their programs. Either way, they’ll attach its value to you.

Claims Adjusting

The faster claims close, the less expensive they are. With automated tools to keep the claims process moving and the analytics to prove your well-managed claims process costs customers less, you can position yourself ahead of the competition and provide tangible value.

Data Tools and Services

Transmitting claim data to and from regulatory entities such as the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services & state governments or outside vendors --- carriers, medical bill providers, and nurse case managers --- can be streamlined and simplified with the use of data integration, transformation, and automation tools.


Give clients the accurate and easy-to-understand data in the format they want while eliminating the constant interruptions of staff with requests for report generation.

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Our client executives have the tools, client access and authority necessary to collaborate with you in the most productive and efficient way possible.


Gathering, reporting and analyzing data, as well as acting on data insights, has never been more timely and efficient.


Access the features you love with confidence that your system will be secure, reliable, fast and can adapt to your needs.