Training at Origami is one of the most important aspects of ensuring a successful project. Software can be your most useful piece of equipment, but if users are not properly trained in how to get the most out of the system, it becomes shelf-ware and users resort to inefficient work-arounds. Origami provides our users with training and materials to get the most out of the system. Rather than coming with a one-size fits all approach to training, we sit with you to design a training and education program designed to the way that your users will best retain the information.

One-on-one Expert Support

Origami provides a dedicated team of industry experts available to supply you with the support you need to maximize your use of the Origami Risk system.

Meet our experts

Formal Training

Training with Origami traditionally begins with an initial on-site “System Basics” training session. This session is followed up with advanced training once the team has had a chance to use the product and accumulate a few questions and comments. Training will be tailored to your users and cover all applicable features. Training documentation and follow-up material will serve as a user reference after training has been completed. In addition to the initial training plan, we will offer quarterly sessions to cover new features that have been recently released.

Origami User Conference

Our national user’s conference is both an opportunity to learn from our experienced professionals and a chance to exchange ideas with your fellow industry leaders and like-in-kind system users. The conference is packed with helpful and interesting sessions.